3rd OpenUp! Newsletter

We are pleased to inform you that the 3rd OpenUp! Newsletter was published today. The 20 pages of this issue are full of interesting articles and news of the project from previous half-year.

Briefly, this 3rd issue includes articles about our dissemination activities, OpenUp! content on Europeana and its actual status, and for the techies in the audience, we included the actual OpenUp! technical workflow. The last six months were full of conferences, and of course we presented our project at every opportunity.

In this issue we also explain the improvement of our Virtual Exhibition platform BLE, which was promoted in Beijing this fall. There is also a short preview of the new topic we are currently preparing, "Poisonous Nature", which will be released on December 17th, and you will be informed in detail about this event.

Check out the newsletter online on the OpenUp! website.

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