"BioCASe Provider Software and ABCD" Webinar, 11 March 2020

DarwinCore is a well-established standard for storing occurrence data and its transfer in biodiversity networks. In the incarnation of DarwinCore Archives it accounts for the majority of data fed into the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and comparable networks, most of the data providers using GBIF’s Integrated Publishing Toolkit. However, DarwinCore and DarwinCore Archives impose certain limitations to the data to be published, regarding both structure and complexity.

The Access to Biological Collections Data standard (ABCD) and its implementation in the BioCASe Provider Software originate from the natural history collections community and have a more comprehensive approach: They are designed for the richness of specimen data and can facilitate both general elements as well as collection specific data items. It is used by currently about 100 institutions worldwide for feeding collections data into aggregators and biodiversity networks such as GBIF. Several special interest networks such as OpenUp!, the natural history aggregator for Europeana, the European Digital Library, and the Global Genome Biodiversity Network rely on BioCASe and ABCD.

This webinar aims to give an overview of the BioCASe Provider Software as an alternative to GBIF’s IPT for publishing data to biodiversity networks. We will explain some of the underlying ideas (such as ABCD) and have a short look at the software and its configuration.

The webinar is targeted at data managers, but can also be followed without IT knowledge.


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